Thursday, November 30, 2006

Albert Pujols...Great Player, Baby, and a Moron.

Let me preface this by saying that I like Albert Pujols. He is the best player in Major League Baseball over the last 6 years. His numbers over those years are awesome...250 HRs 758 RBIs .332 BA .419 OBP .619 SLG. He also hit the greatest home run I have ever seen...10/17/2005...playoff series game 5 against the Astros...down 3 games to 1...down 2 runs in the top of the 9th...2 men on...2 outs...He comes up with the crowd going absolutely bonkers...He crushes the ball 5,000 feet off the train in left field and the crowd became so silent you could hear a pin drop.

Now to his bitching in the article above...Albert, are you kidding me? You says the MVP winner should come from a playoff your 83-79 St. Louis Cardinals. Sure, they won the World Series, so I give them credit for that. But PHILLIES FINISHED THE SEASON 85-77, WHICH IS 2 GAMES BETTER THAN YOUR CARDINALS YOU DUMB ASS.

OK, well maybe the Cardnials are in a tougher division and they had to play tougher teams?

The teams were 3-3 heads up...with both teams actually sweeping each other on the road.

In Interleague play, St. Louis played the White Sox and Tigers, while the Phillies played the Yankees and Red Sox. St. Louis got to play the 100-loss Royals 6 times, while the Phillies played Toronto, Baltimore and TB...however, for the sake of argument I'll give Albert a push there.

As far as league play, they play pretty much the same amount of games against opponents outside their divisions.

Where the Cardnials had the HUGE advantage is when they played divisional opponents. St. Louis was lucky enough to play in the worst division in baseball, with 3 of the 8 worst teams in all of baseball. So St. Louis got to play Chicago, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh 50 times this season. As bad as those three teams were, with a winning pct of .428, Albert's Cardinals could STILL could only manage a 26-24 record against them.

The St. Louis Cardnials had an average record against terrible opponents in a horrible division. That's the ONLY reason you made the playoffs to begin with. The fact that your team got lucky with a couple young relievers and David Eckstein getting hot at just the right time does not mean you should get the MVP over Ryan Howard.

Albert, do us all a favor and shut the #%$#$ up.

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