Monday, December 4, 2006

BCS=BS without the Common sense

College Football is a joke and always will be a joke until division 1A decides to have a playoff. There needs to be a playoff. Imagine if there was no field of 64 in NCAA Basketball? Picture this...the following is the final AP top 8 before the 2006 tourney...

Week 18 AP Top 25
1. Duke (59) 27-3 1,783
2. Connecticut (11) 27-2 1,709
3. Villanova (1) 24-3 1,626
4. Memphis 27-3 1,610
5. Gonzaga (1) 26-3 1,509
6. Ohio State 23-4 1,347
7. Boston College 24-6 1,243
8. UCLA 24-6 1,243

So Florida, the eventual champion, was not even in the top 8. Would not even have made the "BCS" if they had one in hoops. Would be playing in the Peach Bowl, or whatever it is called now. There probably would have been a BCS championship game between Duke and UConn and that would have been it. Big fun, right?
So we are so excited to have Ohio State and Florida play in the BCS Championship game, right? Why? Who cares? Even if Ohio State loses, why should Florida be the champion? Why not Michigan, who beat Wisconsin, Notre Dame and lost AT Ohio State by 3? Why should Florida be champion? I don't buy it.
That's why College football is BS, will always be BS until they get some type of playoff system. Michigan was jobbed this year. Last year, it was Auburn. Every year it is somebody else. You rarely hear the NCAA hoops teams were jobbed...yeah, there are teams on the "bubble" but they are the 65th team...not a choice between #2 and #3. It is a huge difference there, and if you don't see that, then you have never rooted for a team, had them go unbeaten, and have no shot at a championship because of a lousy system.
Look at Boise State...all they did was win every game they had scheduled and they don't even have a shot to play for a national championship. Is that fair? In hoops, there is no team who looks in the mirror and says "Even if we win every game this year, we still can't win the championship." In football, there's about 100.

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