Thursday, December 14, 2006

Media Bating Republicans

It's funny how much the media is bating the Republicans into giving a quote about the Senator from South Dakota being sick. Isn't it rediculous how the media is throwing around the control of the Senate going back to the Republicans if this man dies because the Governor from SD is a Republican and will pick a Republican to replace him? Do you know why this is? They are trying to get a Repulibcan to say something stupid like, "Well, this would make the Senate 50-50 again and give us control." I am glad to see that the Republicans are keeping their dumb mouths shut, but eventually someone stupid will crack. It might be Frist. It might even be Hastert. Who knows.

The media should shut the #%@$#^%$& up. This guy has a family worrying about whether he will survive and we have to read this crap.

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