Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Phillies back to Reality

Well, it's pretty obvious that the Phillies won't be signing Zito or Piazza and won't be trading for Manny...nobody will be. I think they will still be alright...but just alright. Not exciting. Not extraordinary. Just average. Another year of 84-88 wins. Maybe the league will be down again and they will be in the hunt for the Wild Card. But they have a chance to be something special. They need to make a major move. Soriano was a good try. Now go for Zito. Why not? He's 28 and a lefty. And you'll be taking him away from the Mets. How about Zito, Myers, Hamels as a 1-2-3 punch? Left, right, left? I like the sound of matter what the cost. They were going to spend the cash on Soriano...spend it on Zito. Man, I wish someone who spent cash would buy the Phillies...instead, our owners are cheap bastards.

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