Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Thank You Albert Pujols.

I know I ripped him last week, but I did preface my remarks with "I like Albert Pujols". I do. I think he is a classy guy. And that's why I was happy to read the article below.


Thanks, Albert, for showing that there is at least one guy in sports who gets it. It doesn't matter that I am pretty sure you were quoted exactly as you said what you said. The fact that you want to apologize to Ryan shows you are a man.

Funny story...my brother and I were eating and he said "Albert should have just said congratulations to the kid." So I thought...is Albert Pujols younger than Howard? Well, he actually is. Howard was born 11/19/79 while Pujols was actually born 1/16/80. Pujols was born in the frigging 80's. Man, I feel old.

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