Monday, November 27, 2006

How bout them Cowboys...

Tony Romo looks like the real deal. Of course, now that I post this, he will fail miserably next week in New York. Are the Giants really in trouble? Or will they come off that horrendous loss to Tennessee and kick the crap out of the boys? I think they are in trouble. If Dallas wins this week, they will be 2 games up in the division with 4 to play.

Dallas's final 5 games... @NYG, NO, @ATL, PHL, DET
NY's final 5 games.... DAL, @CAR, PHL, NO, @WAS

A couple things jump out at me...

First, New Orleans will have a huge say in who wins the NFC East. I think they are just an average team, but with all the injuries, can the Giants beat them, even at home? I don't know. They blew a 21 point lead to the Titans in a game they HAD to have. I'm not sure they can do it with 2 of their best front line defenders out and Toomer gone for the year. He is quietly a huge loss for them as he ALWAYS made the big catch.

Second, the Eagles, who I love to hate, may not win another game this year. Their defense looked so pathetic last night, plus they have to play at WAS, NYG and DAL all in a row, sandwiched between home games against two desperate teams in CAR and ATL. I be surprised to see the Birds finish better than 6-10 again.

Third, I think the Bears are definitely beatable in the playoffs. Grossman is terrible against a stout defense, which Dallas has. If the Cowboys can get a first round bye, they should beat anybody else in the NFC in the second round and have a legitimate chance against the Bears in Soldier Field in late January. Of course, I hope they don't get ahead of themselves like us fans do. If they do, the Giants will blow them out of the Meadowlands on Sunday.

One other thing...I think it is pretty funny how everybody complained about the distraction that TO would cause to the Cowboys...and yet, who has been a bigger distraction this year? How about Tiki Barber, who said this would be his last year and since then, the Giants have gone in the tank. I know they have injuries, but between him saying he will retire, then complaining about the coach...he has been a much bigger distraction than T.O.

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