Friday, November 24, 2006

Why is this a stunt?

So some white collegiate students in the College Republicans decide to create a White cholarship for poor intelligent people who may need the money and it is a "stunt"?

The media hates Republicans so much...especially ABC. Too bad Peter Jennings wasn't around this election cycle. I would have loved to hear his characterization of Americans voting in Democrats in congress this time around. Do you think he would have called it a "hissy fit"? Neither do I. RIP Pete, you biased liberal hack.

Getting back to the scholarship issue. I believe we should have "income-based scholarships" only that are independent of race or gender. The question is...why do we have scholarships? To reward students who want to go to college for trying their best in High School. I know some smart rich kids, and they deserve scholarships too...even though their parents could pay their way through school. I also know some smart poor kids, and they deserve their own scholarships too...for low income smart kids. Why do we even need racial scholarships at all? Why not have "income based" scholarships for everyone regardless of race? You could set aside a certain number of scholarships for rich kids, poor kids, and middle classs kids. Then give them out to whoever does the best, both in school grades AND essay writing or interviewing. Don't make is solely objective, but don't makei t solely subjective either. There are still racists out there within all races who do not need to be making final decisions. There should be large diverse panels making these decisions.

I think that if we are going to have scholarships for one race, we should have them for all races. And it should not be called a "stunt".

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