Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mandatory Vision Tests for drivers who reach 65.

Why is there not a vision test for drivers when they turn 65? There was a lady driving the other day who simply ran into a newspaper box on the curb. When asked what happened, she said "I didn't see the box." She SQUINTED when she said it. She SQUINTED. She could not see. She was half-blind. She looked like Mr. Magoo. I was there because I witnessed the accident and wanted to make sure she was OK. Also, I wanted to be there when the guy whose Corvette was hit by the flying newspaper machine came out. Basically, I wanted to prevent the murder of an elderly woman who turned out to be 74. 74 freaking years old. I do believe that if I didn't stay around, there would be one less silver-haired woman driving around squinting. On second thought, maybe I should have just left.

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