Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So you are shopping early for Christmas...maybe getting that special someone a nice diamond ring or earrings. Next thing you know, there's a Mercedes Benz on top of you. 82 freaking years old. Kills Joan Zamborsky, 59, of Allentown. I can't imagine how her family must feel this morning, her being killed right around the holidays. Why? An 82 year old man crashed into the freaking store. I believe that once you turn 65, you should be given yearly vision tests in order to have driving privileges. No once every 4 years. Not rubber stamped approval. I mean full vision tests. This type of thing is 100 times worse than someone not wearing their seatbelt. Why? BECAUSE IF I DON'T WEAR MY SEATBELT THEN I DON'T CRASH INTO A FREAKING WINDOW AND KILL AN INNOCENT SHOPPER...THAT'S WHY? Leave me alone to not wear my seatbelt and I promise I won't drive directly into a jewelry store window.,0,1685542.story

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