Friday, December 22, 2006

F U Minnesota

Well, Minnesota really spoiled my playoff scenario fun last night. Could an offense be any more pathetic? Tarvaris Jackson is brutal, and not a professional quarterback. He has zero skills in this league.

Updated NFC playoff picture...

Bears, NO, Sea and Dallas are all pretty much in.

Eagles still need a win over Atlanta or Dallas to lock themselves in. If Atlanta wins this week, which they should, then they will finish ahead of the Eagles with a win on NY Eve. Giants will beat Wash on NY Eve, so they will be at worst 8-8. If they can somehow beat NO this weekend, they would also be ahead of the Eagles and Philly would be out. Then you have GB and the Rams in the mix. GB gets Chicago in Chicago next week, but how much will the Bears play because they are locked in to the #1 seed. Rams play Wash and then home to Minnesota, who is dead and did I mention that their QB really, really sucks? So St. Louis could end up 8-8 too. But with thei good NFC record and head-to-head breakdowns, I think that the Eagles win tie-breakers over both St. Louis and GB. But they lose the tiebreaker to the Giants because of common opponents.

So Eagles fans...don't get crazy just yet. Michael Vick could work his magic the last week and crush your playoff hopes. Why not just win this Sunday in Big D? Because the Eagles never ever win really big games...i.e. NFC Championships games at home to Tampa and Carolina.

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