Thursday, December 21, 2006

Predictions for NFL Week 16 and playoffs

NFC Playoff seed predictions...

1) Bears
2) New Orleans
3) Dallas
4) Seattle
5) Eagles
6) New York Giants

I think the Eagles are going to lose badly on Christmas Day...along the lines of 31-13, and their record will be 8-7. I hope the Giants beat New Orleans, but I have no reason at all to think they will. Their record will be 7-8. Atlanta will kill Carolina at home, and their record will be 8-7.

Here's what I think about each 6-8 team at this time...

Carolina will lose both games to finish 6-10
San Fran will split and finish 7-9...good year for them
Green Bay will lose both and finish 6-10.

That leave St. Louis and Minnesota. I already have Minnesota beating GB tonight. I also think St. Louis will beat Washington this weekend, leaving both those teams at 7-8.

So we will have Philly and Atlanta at 8-7 and St. Louis, New York Giants, and Minnesota at 7-8. The funny part is that Philly plays Atlanta and St. Louis play Minnesota on the final weekend. The Giants get Washington, and I think they will win that game to finish 8-8. If Philly beats Atlanta, you will have a 3 way tie between Atlanta, Giants, and the Minnesota/St. Louis winner. Good luck figuring out the permutations there. If Atlanta beats the Eagles on NY Eve, the Eagles would likely be out of the playoffs, since they would lose the tiebreaker with the Giants based on common opponents. Both would be 8-8, 4-2 in the division and 7-5 in the conference. They would have played 14 common opponents, and the Eagles would be 6-8 while the Giants would be 8-6.

So the Eagles better win one of the next two games, or they may just find themselves out of the playoffs.

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