Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Iverson Trade

Well, Billy King has finally killed the Sixers once and for a long, long time. He sucks. There is no other words to describe the man. The deal is OK...Andre Miller is a nice point guard, Joe Smith is not much salary cap relief, and the two picks will likely be #'s 22 and 29. But the question is not trading Iverson...yes, that was inevitable now...the question is how did it get to this? Dalembert got an outrageous contract. So did Korver. They traded for a Webber with a gazillion bucks left on his shitty knee. They have Kevin Ollie starting at the point guard for Christ's Sake. KEVIN FUCKING OLLIE? Give me a break. Iguadala is getting better. I think the lineup, Miller, Carney, Iguadala, Webber and Dalembert is not terrible but by no means good. With Green, Joe Smith, Korver and Henderson coming off the bench...ugh. Just pray that they end up with the most balls bouncing in the hopper and they get lucky and win the Greg Oden sweepstakes. Moving forward, I like the 1-2-3 of Miller, Carney and Iguadala. That is a couple young guys who will be helped by Andre Miller's passing instincts. Just not alot this year I hope.

Now to Iverson...I am now going to watch Nuggets games to see how my man is doing. There's no denying that I like Iverson. And he will make the Nuggets better. The people who dis him are idiots. He is still playing like his prime years. He is averaging 31+ points and 7+ assists. Think about that one...over 7 assists a game with this band of complete stiffs. Imagine what he will do when his dish is to a wide open Yellow for three (side note: Carmelo Anthony is now going to be called Yellow instead of 'Melo in my book forever). If AI could register 7 freaking assists with passes to Kevin Ollie and a washed-up Webber...oh man. I have to get the NBA package...but for $200 for the rest of the year, the price is very steep. Maybe I'll do it though over the holidays when the Sixers are playing their usual shit brand of hoops and the Nuggets are on another channel and Ai is ripping up the floor.

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