Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stupid drivers

I guess during the holidays, everybody has to go out shopping. The downside is that the worst drivers in the world go out and drive to the mall. Unfortunately, I had to go to the mall last night. What a frigging nightmare. Some of my pet peeves related to driving, particularly at the mall:

1) For everyone entering the mall...if there is no stop sign, then DON'T STOP!!!!!!! There's a reason there is no stop sign for the people entering the mall. They usually are coming from a traffic light and the designers of the mall road system do not want the line of cars backing up to the light. So the cars already in the mall have stop signs, but the cars entering the mall do not.

2) Don't stop at every parking row and look down for a spot. It causes rear-enders behind you and makes people want to get out of their car and kick your ass. Just drive down each row you selfish bastard.

3) That little stick on the left side of your steering wheel...IT'S A FRIGGING TURN SIGNAL. Try using it every once in a while.

4) If you are making a right, then get in the right-hand lane. If you are making a left, then get in the left-hand lane. If you are going straight, then DRIVE THROUGH THE GREEN LIGHT!!!!

5) I have no problem with talking on your phone while driving. But if you have an IQ that is the same as the temperature in your car, then pull over please. You can't do both. You are too dumb.

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