Monday, January 8, 2007

Glory Days?

I thought Tony Romo would be taking the Cowboys back to the glory days of Cowboys supremecy...what I didn't realize was that Saturday night would bring back a feeling I haven't felt since I was a young 10 year old boy, crying after Dwight Clark tore out my picture below for story.

Tony, Tony, Tony...I thought you may struggle your first professional playoff game on the road, but I didn't think it would be in the "holding the ball" game...

So after a weekend of watching the team I love (Dallas) give away a winnable game, and the team I hate (Eagles) win a game handed to them by the porous Giants Defense and a bunch of refs who were bigger pussies than the idiots the night before, I am very down. However, driving into work this morning, a couple things hit me...
First, Romo will be back. This will be his motivation to do bigger and better things next year.
Second, the defense will be back. They will restructure the safeties, and move Roy to the LB position, where he will be devastating playing closer to the ball.
Third, and this is only a wish, the Tuna will be back. God, I hope he doesn't leave. He is a great coach and he will bring a Super Bowl to the ranch next season.
Fourth, bring back Owens. With a little stability, he will be fine. He didn't kill Dallas this year...what killed them was the blown hold, Terry Glenn fumbling accounting for the 2 point safety and the difference in the game, and even Jason Whitten who fumbled for the first time in two years. Talk about a perfect storm of things to go against you.
Now to the refs...what a shame that a gutless home crowd reversal even makes the Cowboys have to kick the ball anyway. The fact is that there was no clear evidence that Whitten did not have the first down. With it, they would have scored the TD, gone for two, and never had to kick another ball in the game anyway. However, when the ref reversed the call, he changed the complexion of the game. Disgraceful. I hope that ref dies in his sleep very, very soon.
Otherwise, I'm not bitter. I'm sure I'll get over I did "The Catch"...I'm still waiting for either Montana or Clark to die in their sleep.

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