Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Now to the NFL...

What the #%$^#% happened to the Cowboys? Jesus Christ. Has a team ever shut down as badly as they did in 3 of the last 4 games? I mean, first they drop a big turd at home to New Orleans. Then they gamely go out and beat the Giants, with Romo throwing the best pass I have seen all year to Witten to win that game. Then they proceed to shit all over their home turf for two games against the Eagles and Lions and give away the division? The Eagles didn't even have McNabb and they went out and swept the 3 division road games in a row. And then for Dallas to lose at home to the Lions...giving the Eagles a chance to rest their starters? That really sucked. It showed me that Bill has lost this team. They have a 3% chance to win in Seattle.

I can't help but think that they are better off going to Seattle than they would be hosting the Giants next Sunday. The logical part of me says that the Eagles have their hands full, but they have bucked logic the last 5 weeks, so why not this week too. Think about this one...3 weeks ago, the Eagles were 6 point dogs in New York. Now they are 6.5 to 7 point favorites at home to the same Giants team. What does this tell me? The Eagles are in trouble.

Early predictions...

Giants 24 Eagles 13 - The magical run of Garcia has to end soon, doesn't it?
Seattle 37 Dallas 10 - Followed by T.O. burying the whole team and him being cut after the Super Bowl.

Indy 37 KC 3 - Followed by talk of Indy being a SB contender...how they "manned up" and stopped the run...blah, blah.
NE 23 NYJ 21 - I like Mangini...he will be a good coach in this league for a while.

Then I see it being NO vs Chicago and NE vs SD in the Championship games, with a NO-SD Super Bowl and about 2 million reports on how it is Drew Brees vs Philip Rivers to show who is the best when the game will be about one thing only...LaDanian Tomlinson, your MVP of 2006 in the NFL.

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